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Grubby Guarantee

The Grubby Guarantee

We want to see you out wearing our stuff and abusing the absolute hell out of it. So, we came up with the Grubby Guarantee. This sounds too good to be true so how does this work?? Well, first make sure you buy some rad gear from us. Second, go outside and get GRUBBY. If while you are getting grubby you rip, break, tear, slam, or smash your garment we will absolutely replace it for free. If we do not have the specific item, we will send you a different replacement. Doesn’t that sound amazing?? I certainly think so! This will give you piece of mind when you are out ripping up the country side that we have your back when it comes to apparel. The rules are pretty simple and are as follows.


  • Must not cut with scissors or any sharp objects on purpose. We will not replace the shirt if it is stained unless under extreme circumstances.
  • Send us a picture of your abused garment so that we know its legit. Send images to Or through any of our social media pages.
  • If we have your item in stock, we will send you a replacement. If we do not have that item in stock or no longer carry it, we will let you pick out something that is of equal value.

Remember to Join The Movement #refusetostayclean and Get Out & Get Grubby.


The Grubby Crew

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