Grubby Crew

Aaron Woodward (Chief Operations Dude) (COD)

Aaron is our operations expert. He brings a lot of knowledge in from his past work experience and leverages that knowledge to help keep us on track. He’s also not afraid to jump head first into a new challenge and attack it, regardless of whether or not he knows what he’s doing. Aaron also has a lot of offroad experience and is usually the one at the head of our offroad convoys.

Rori Woodward (Chief Baking Officer) (CBO) & Chief Logistics Officer(CLO)

Every company should have a CBO & CLO. Our company would not function without the delicious baked goods and getting our orders out on time. Rori also tag teams with Shea to produce creative content and marketing materials to keep our brand fresh and relevant.

Tyler Simpson (Chief Corral Manager) (CCM)

Tyler is the youngest member on the team but he doesn’t let that hold him back. He has the most experience starting a business amongst all of us and has been crucial in getting Grubby up and running. He is also our tech guy and is the creator of our website. In his spare time, he’s usually out shredding trails in his RZR and trying not to break it in the process.

The Story Behind The Brand

The Grubby crew grew up in the Pacific Northwest, an area of the country with plenty of offroad and outdoor opportunities. The idea to start Grubby was born out of our desire to spend as much time as possible getting outside and having an adventure. If we could do this for play AND work, why not? We want to inspire others to do the same. From riding your RZR up an impossibly gnarly trail to plunging your jeep into a mud hole and somehow making it out the other side. Grubby will provide you with the apparel that will inspire you to GET OUT AND GET GRUBBY.